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Not Enough Bandwidth issue

Good afternoon - I have a issue that I hope someone else has experienced. I have a call manager at our corporate office, and a remote location has a 2951 as a gateway. This location has a local PRI. I have this set up just like our other locations, and they are not experiencing any issues. For example, when a call comes in on the PRI to the local main number, it routed to the operation, say ext 2200. When she attempts to transfer the call to the appropriate person (in the same location, same building) at ext 2201, she sometimes gets the "not enough bandwidth) error. I have check the location and region, compared it to the other locations, and everything is the same. Any thoughts on what this could be? I am running CUCM 7.1.5. I saw a post that suggested resyncing the locations, but this is not happenening across the WAN... Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

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Not Enough Bandwidth issue

Use RTMT to monitor Location badwidth usage and number of calls to/from the location.  What is the Location bandwidth set to and what codec is used between the Region assigned to this site and voicemail system? 

Is the device pool assigned to the GW the same as device pool assigned to the phone?


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Not Enough Bandwidth issue

I can use the RTMT, but this is so sporadic that I was hoping someone else had this issue also . The Location bandwidth is 768, and the codec is g.711. The device pool for the phone and the gateway are the same... I can try resyncing, but I don't think that will fix the issue.

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Not Enough Bandwidth issue

will need take a look at traces for failure call to see why its failing it.


Vipul Jindal

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