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Notification system in CCM

Hi all,

Currently my client is implementing a third party billing system that reads CDR data of CCM. Everytime there is a change / addition especially in user, device profiles, and device, we have to notify the billing system personnel by e-mail so that no data is missing. Is there any way to synchronize those data automatically ? If yes, which tables contains those data I need.

Broader than that, is there any e-mail notification system to the administrator to tell that we have made a change in CCM ? Everything will be much easier if this is possible.

Thanks for any replies.




Re: Notification system in CCM

There is no such Notification system available with CallManager which would let a remote system know about a new user being added to the network, except for the the software can connect to the CM using LDAP and a do a search to check for changes.

Where is information is stored would depend on the CallManager version and LDAP Directory service being used.

Upto CallManager 4.x this information is stored in DC Directory if CallManager native Directory service is being used and in Active Directory if AD LDAP integration was done.

With CM 5.x it is stored in Inforix DB and I'm not aware of the table it is stored in or how to query the DB to get this info.

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