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NTP activation on 7.1.5

  Hi All,

I have added 2 NTP Server IP addresses as shown in Capture_NTP1, but how do I apply one of these references to the phones?.

I have looked under the time and date group and tried to add the server IP addresses under "Phone NTP References for this Date/Time Group" but neither IP address appear when I do a search.

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NTP activation on 7.1.5


By default SCCP phones with take their time from the the CUCM server.

SIP phones can use PHONE NTP Refernces

You can change the PUB server to take its time from NTP server(s) too

Please read this link from the OS admin guide



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New Member

NTP activation on 7.1.5

Hi Alex,

In reading the guide it gives the followig note:

After deleting, modifying, or adding the NTP server, you must restart all other nodes in the cluster for the changes to take affect.

What is a node in the Cisco world all devices? i.e all phones?


NTP activation on 7.1.5


You make the the change use NTP on the publisher CUCM server.

If you have SUB servers in your cluster you need to restart them.

Obviously you need to carry this out at a time convenient to your users

Perhaps the evening or over a weekend

It is very important that servers in the cluster are synchronised.



Regards, Alex. Please rate useful posts.

NTP activation on 7.1.5

Not sure if its worth mentioning or not but I have never restarted my subscribers when making a change to NTP on the Publisher node. I just ssh into the subscribers and issue the command Utils NTP restart and they sync up nicely. Unless thats what the documentation was referring to.


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