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NTP settings on CUCM6.1 not taken by IP phones

Hi all,

I have set out CUCM6.1(2) Publisher node to use our NTP server. Upon setting this in CUCM6.1 OS Admin, i refreshed the "NTP Settings" page and it shows as NTP server 'accessible'

I have then checked on the Subs, and they all reference the Publisher as their source.

I have then re-started ALL the Subscriber nodes. Despite doing this, all our 7960 and IPC phones are stuck 1 hour behind time (we are now into BST - British Summer Time)

The Publisher seems to have the correct time (i deleted NTP then looked at Time setting and it came up with the correct current time. I then re-added the NTP source)

I have noted on the NetPro forum a link regarding DST failures:

The last post by a Cisco employee states that a fix is availble for download - but when i browse to that location it has since been removed...

Am i caught up in somekind of quirk that is preventing the 7960 and IPC (v2.1.4) phones from getting the correct time?

We have one "Date/Time" group set for all our devices, this is set to GMT....when i play with this i DO see the time update on the phones. Clearly, NTP is updating my Unix server time on the Pub and Subs, but NOT getting to my devices :o(

Any tips? I cant keep altering the time in here every 6 months for GMT/BST :o) GMT +1 puts the phones forward 1 hour corectly lol! But i want NTP to do this :o)



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Re: NTP settings on CUCM6.1 not taken by IP phones

Hi Andy,

The patch is still available. ou will need to upgrade when the permanent fix comes out:

Workaround #3:

Apply a patch from This patch works on all Versions of CUCM 5.x-7.x

Software Download Center path:

Voice and Unified Communications > Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Version 7.0 > Unified Communications Manager/CallManager Utilities > UCM COP



The same patch file is used for all versions of CUCM Versions 5.x-7.x

Do not install this patch on subscriber server. It is for publisher only.

A new patch has been released. The original patch documentation advised to only install on publisher. However, some users attempted patch subscribers and an extermely few of those experienced catastrophic failure. That failure is captured in CSCsy33380.

The original patch and corresponding md5hash were:

ciscocm.dst_march_2009.cop.sgn d4f5e2562982f9fdaf4446be2ae08df1

The new patch and corresponding md5hash are:

ciscocm.dst1_march_2009.cop.sgn d60c522e294a3ca9e7cceaeda51dc181

A Field Notice is posted on this issue here:

Please follow the steps listed in the Field Notice to follow up if you have questions.

Further Information:

The workaround is only a patch to correct time issues for the week of

March 8 - March 15, 2009 for US

March 15 - March 22, 2009 for Argentina

Any timezone which changes on Friday or Saturday is actually addressed by CSCsy33379.

After that time will be correct until DST ends in November. Additional permanent fixes will be released later this year to correct DST fallback in November and to remove changes for this specific patch so that DST will begin and end correctly correctly in 2010.

Further permanent fixes are forthcoming.

Hope this helps!


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Re: NTP settings on CUCM6.1 not taken by IP phones

Cheers Rob !

I have popped into work this morning fuming about the DST/BST issue with our 1000+ 7960 phones....only to find that they HAVE now all updated :o)

Looks like the 7970's updated straight away, the 7960's took several hours...

Quick question:

Our NTP source is constant (doesn't adjust for DST/BST). Can I automate BST changes in CUCM in anyway? I have had to manually update the time in CUCM to GMT +1 (BST) to get the extra hour. In 6 months i will have to do the reverse lol

I think the old 3.3 servers linked to a "net time" statement from the windows Publisher server to a windows server clock source (not NTP, but it was linked to NTP and automatically updated itself for BST)

Is this possible in CUCM 6.1? The NTP settings state it *must* be a stratum source, hence i pointed at our NTP server NOT a windows-based AD server etc.

Hope this makes sense :o) Basically - can i popint the NTP reference at a Windows AD server NOT a stratum source? Would that automate BST changes for me on the IP phones?


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