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num-exp and Translation-Profiles together, order

We are in a position where the limit of 15 Translations rules per profile is not going to meet our needs (even though we can do 15 on voice-port, 15 on dial-peer, 15 global etc..)  We need both translation DID from 4 to 7 digits (phones will have 7 digit extensions), and 800 number 4 digit to 7 digit internal number that matches called numberfor contact centers.

Our carriers

AT&T LD sending 4 digits for 800 numbers

PaeTec Local sending 4 digits for DID's

Our main issue is we have hundres of 800 numbers.  Some of the digits sent down for 800 numbers overlap with our DID's.

We need a quick solution and carrier changes will not be able to meet our timelines (if for example we ask local carrier to send 7 instead of 4).

We do have seperate telco providers/pri's for our DID and 800 numbers.  I'm hoping I can meet our needs with combination of translation-profiles and num-expansion.  Can someone provide a detailed explination of the order of operation.  I have not found concrete answer via foroms or Cisco site.

What I'd like to do is for local PRI (DID's) I'd like to converte from 4 digit to 7 digit vai applying trans-profile to voice-port for those local PRI's.  Then with num-exp, take 4 digits from AT&T and convert to 7 digit internal (these are for our contact center).

What is the order of operation?


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Re: num-exp and Translation-Profiles together, order

Any ideas anyone?

VIP Purple

Re: num-exp and Translation-Profiles together, order

Although I can't find a link to confirm, I believe num-exp rules will apply first as they are configured globally and applied to every dial peer. You could setup a test with one of your numbers to confirm. One option would be to tag the 4 digit numbers with a prefix based on which port they came in on and then use num-exp to translate to the proper internal extension. For example:

voice translation-rule 1

rule 1 /^8/ /11118/

voice translatino-rule 2

rule 1 /^8/ /22228/

voice translation-profile 1

translate called 1

voice translation-profile 2

translate called 2

voice-port 1/0:23

translation-profile incoming 1

voice-port 1/0:23

translation-profile incoming 2

num-exp 11118000 1234

num-exp 22228000 5678

This would allow you to translate 8000 sent by one carrier to 1234 and 8000 sent by the other carrier to 5678.

Hope this helps.


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