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Number of button slots for (non-standard) PhoneTemplate


Once I create a new non-standard phone button template in the CUCM (Device > Device Settings > Phoe Button Template), the number of the buttons on the newly created seems "unpredictable" for me. Sometimes the number of the buttons are the same as on the original template, but sometimes much more.

For example, 'Standard 7965 SIP' has 6 buttons. If I create based on this template, my 'Standard 7965 SIP MyTemplate' will have 54 slots in it.
Similar: 'Standard 8961 SIP' has 5 buttons, 'Standard 8961 SIP MyTemplate' has 45.

Why? Where is this coming from?




Additional info:

I have checked the DatabaseDictionary documentation, which states :

"Before insert into PhoneTemplate, if NEW.usermodifiable = false, thenusing the NEW.tkModel, get the numButton value from TypeModel. It will contain comma-separated min, max values. Take the max value and assign to NEW.numOfButtons."

But I cannot find this 'numButton' value in the typemodel table?!

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