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O/B Calls Failing Because RouteList is Rejecting.


I have a odd issue where calls outbound are failing from multiple locations through different gateways. Call flow is such:

IP phone-CUCM 9.1.1---MGCP GW--PRI.

Inbound over the same circuit is working fine. But I see the following in the CUCM traces. Looks like routelistcdrc is rejecting the call. because all devices are busy/stopped. I tried bouncing the gateway, stop/restart mgcp, and bouncing the route list. But to no avail. Any help is appreciated.

5:22.514 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::null0_CcSetupReq check vipr call mViprReroute=0 mViprAlreadyAttempt=0 CI=51315247 BRANCH=0

91625781.002 |14:35:22.514 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::null0_CcSetupReq - Terminating a call after the RouteListCdrc cannot find any more device.

91625781.003 |14:35:22.514 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::terminateCall - No more Routes in RouteListName = Grand Rapids LD RL.  Rejecting the call

91625781.004 |14:35:22.514 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::terminateCall - Sending CcRejInd, with the cause code (41), to RouteListControl because all devices are busy/stopped.

91625781.005 |14:35:22.515 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::terminateCall - precedenceBlocked == 0, cause = 27

91625781.006 |14:35:22.515 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::terminateCall - Sending CcRejInd, with cause code (27), to Cc because it has not sent CcRegisterPartyB to Cc.

91625781.007 |14:35:22.515 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::sendDStopIn

I see this ahead of that. Looks like it believes the device is down but I don't know why it is registered and working for inbound.

62057059.006 |07:44:41.603 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::null0_CcSetupReq - Selecting a device.

62057059.007 |07:44:41.603 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::selectDevices -- mTemporaryDeviceInfoList.size = 1.

62057059.008 |07:44:41.603 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::null0_CcSetupReq: Execute a route action.

62057059.009 |07:44:41.603 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::algorithmCategorization -- CDRC_SERIAL_DISTRIBUTION type=1

62057059.010 |07:44:41.603 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::whichAction -- DOWN (Current Group) = 1

62057059.011 |07:44:41.603 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::routeAction -- current device name=c5e60793-9ace-b249-bec7-1f314a6aabbd, down

62057059.012 |07:44:41.603 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::executeRouteAction: SKIP_TO_NEXT_MEMBER

62057059.013 |07:44:41.603 |AppInfo  |RouteListCdrc::skipToNextMember




Re:O/B Calls Failing Because RouteList is Rejecting.

This is a known issue with 9.1. But basically switching the CM group on the route list, you will be able to see if it works. If it does restart Callmanager service or the cluster itself to resolve the issue.

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New Member

O/B Calls Failing Because RouteList is Rejecting.

Thanks George.

Yeah I saw another thread on the same issue. Looked like removing the endpoints from the route group. Resetting Route List and re-adding works as well. Looks like Subscription service Manager Service doesn't update Callmanager with status of the devices in it.