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Obtaining Call Manager RTMT logs more than 5 minutes

I am trying to view the voice trunk logs using RTMT, but it is showing graph for only 5 minutes. It seems to erase all logs from memory after 5 minutes. Is it possible to see the logs for a period more than 5 minutes? or get all the logs in a file?

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Re: Obtaining Call Manager RTMT logs more than 5 minutes

Option 1. You can store counter logs to files (.csv format).  You would need to do this from System>Performance>Open Performance Monitoring. You will get a tree view with your CUCM nodes at the root.  You will need to navigate to the performance objects you would like to monitor.  I am not sure what you mean by "trunks".  There are H.323, SIP, MGCP T1-PRI, MGCP CAS, etc. counters available.  You can select the counters you are interested in and drag them to the graph screen.  You can drag more than one counter to the same graphing pane (for a layered view).  Note that you will need to select the counter from the CUCM node which will be the primary call processor for the gateway/trunk you want to monitor.

Once you have added the counter, then you can right click on the counter view in the graphing pane and select "Start Counter(s) Logging" OR select System>Performance>Start Counter(s) Logging.  This will start collecting the data, in .csv format, to your local machine.  That is a key point because you would need to have RTMT up and running somewhere to cache the counter logs.

You can view counter logs you have saved using RTMT.  Go to System>Performance>Open Performance Log Viewer. In the "Select Perfmon Location", choose local logs.  Navigate and select your log file.  If there is more than one counter in the log file, then you will get an option to select which counter you want to view.  The resulting graph will cover the entire time range.  You have some "zoom" functions available to you.

Option 2.  The CUCM appliance model already has some pre-canned performance reports.  Basically, these are performance counter logs that are stored on the CUCM cluster node itself.  Handy because you don't need a PC running RTMT to gather data.  You need to enable the "Cisco Serviceability Reporter" service to access the Serviceability Reports.  It is recommended to only activate this service on non-call processing nodes as it is very CPU intensive.  Once the service is enabled, you will find that the CUCM cluster begins cachine performance counter logs and creating graphical views in PDF format.  Each PDF report is a 24 hour view.  You can only go back a finite number of days.  I recommend reviewing this document for more information:

The PDF report "Call Activities" should cover what you are looking for.  If you needed more granularity then you may want to look at Option 1 closer.  One interesting tidbit.  You can open the .csv counter log files that are stored on the system (i.e. the raw data used to create the PDF reports).  Go to System>Performance>Open Performance Log Viewer. In the  "Select Perfmon Location", choose RisDC perfmon logs.  Select your node.  You will get a long list of counter logs.  Within each counter log you will find dozens of counters.  You will need to filter out what you want to see most.



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Re: Obtaining Call Manager RTMT logs more than 5 minutes

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