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Office relocation

Hi All,

I have a site relocating from office to another and there will be 3-4 weeks gap, users will work from home using their internet connection and VPN authentication so no issue for this.

The issue is from Voice, currently users did call forward from their desk phones to mobiles but we need to disconnect the CME router soon so call forward will be lost.

We are running a CME over Cisco 2900 router with DDI range assigned from Carrier (ISDN).

I checked with Carrier and they can't do individual diversion for each DDI so we can make the call forward on the carrier level, they can do full range diversion to a single number or hunt group.

This definitely will not work as we still need each phone go to corresponding mobile phone.

Any thoughts or inputs will be much appreciated.



Office relocation

Only option would be to have 2 CME, during the time window. Perhaps you could contact your cisco REP to rent, or lease an spare router during the cutover,  install the new one at the other location and then cutover. You can't have the circuit up if you remove the CME to the other office.

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Office relocation

Thanks Robert, but due to budgeting restrictions we won't be able to rent a CME also we don't have a place to host it on as if we have a place we can host our existing CME putting in mind some implications such as the telco has to move their ISDN as well.

Also as i mentioned there will be like 2 weeks gap, so it's not for the cutover period only.



Office relocation


I think your only option is talk to your TELCO and ask them to do a call forward on their end and redirect your number to a PSTN number, or even a cell phone. Your TELCO should be able to route the number to another destination, the only issue would be the amount of channels available (you might be able to handle just one active call) still better than nothing.

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