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Old MCSs with CUCM 7.1.5 and UCCX 8.0.2 migrate to be6000 version 10.0

Hello, all!

We have  CUCM installed on two MCS 7825I4 and UCCX installed on two MCS 7825I4.


We want to upagrade and migrate to BE6000 version 10x.

I’ve read that: “for MCS7800 to BE migrations, the included virtualization license is not compatible with Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment (PCD). Use FND, ST,ET,EP if you plan to use PCD” So, Am I right that in this case we should perform jump upgrade via virtual lab server?  And we can't use PCD?

And if I understand correctly, that our upgrade/migrate steps are:

  1. Install all unused licences
  2. Perform DRS backup from CUCM and UCCX on MCS servers
  3. Do CDR purge
  4. Install cucm and in virtual lab server
  5. Perform DRS restore (see step 2)
  6. Apply phone firmware for  cucm 10 release
  7. Upgrade virtual lab server (CUCM and UCCX) to release 10
  8. Perform DRS backup from virtual lab server
  9. Perform DRS restore on BE6000 server


Thanks advance,


Cisco Employee

If you're just using the the

If you're just using the the ESXi HYP license that comes by default with 6K, yes, you would need to buy (at least) the Foundation license to use PCD.

The jump upgrade has only been validated for upgrades to 9.1(2), it *should* work just fine, but it won't be officially supported for 10.



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Thanks for answer, Jaime!So

Thanks for answer, Jaime!

So if I understood You correctly,  we could use jump upgrade to be6000 v.10 at our own risk, and Cisco will not officially support such upgrade? otherwise we MUST buy Foundation License, right?

Are there any other variants to upgrade from old mcs to be6000 v.10, without buying Foundation license and using PCD, that will be officially supported by Cisco?




Cisco Employee

Upgrade to (at least) 8.0(2)

Upgrade to (at least) 8.0(2) on MCS, then backup and restore on UCS, then continue upgrade to 10.



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Can you get all of these

Can you get all of these interim upgrades via Product Upgrade Tool (PUT)?  Additionally, can you get both Bootable/Fresh Install ISO's as well as Upgrade ISO's?

Anthony Holloway

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Thanks for answer!What if we

Thanks for answer!

What if we do with PCD, but PCD will be installed in OUR LAB VMware Server and then we will put DRS backup to customer's be6000?


1. install latest device packs, cop file, renew phones' firwmare on customer's 7.1.5

2. Get DRS backup from 7.1.5

3. install in our lab vmware server 7.1.5 and do DRS restore

4. with PCD (installed here on our vmware server) perform migration to 10 version

5. Get DRS backup

6. Restore DRS on customer's be6000


Thanks advance




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Hello!Anybody can approve


Anybody can approve that this upgrade's sequence is valid with PCD installed in LAB server? The issue is urgent.




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This post is about a year old

This post is about a year old!   I am about to try the very same process with the very same versions!  @plotnikov-alex how did it turn our for you?

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