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One way call Audio

Hi All,

I have a CUCM depolyments consisting of 3 sites one using a CUCM and the other two making use of CUCMEs.The CUCME are connected to the CUCM via Inter-Cluster Trunk (Non-Gatekeeper Controlled).

The problem I am experiecning at the moment is that when a call is made from 7945G phones registered to the CUCM to other phones registered to the CUCMEs in the other locations, the calling party i.e the 7945 phone does not receive audio from the called party i.e other phones registered to the CUCME. However, 6921 phones registered to the same CUCM can call phones registered to the CUCME without any issues.

Please if you have any idea on how to resolve this, please drop a comment.



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One way call Audio

1st thing I usually do when I have audio problems is end to end pings to ensure IP reachability. The 6921 phones couldnt possibly be in a subnet that has reachability and the others maynot if they are in different locations. 

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One way call Audio


What subnet(s) are the 7945 phones on. 99% of the time one way audio is routing related. Are the 6921 phones on the same subnet as the 7945 phones? Check ip connectivity between the phones vlan and the cucme phone vlans

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One way call Audio


Thanks for the quick response, I did not check the subnet on which the 7945 phones were simply because, at some point during my testing calls would connect and a two way audio would be established. I would check this and continue my troubleshooting from there.

Re: One way call Audio

Yes please check the reachability first. This needs to be checked between 7945 phone at CUCM side and CME router (the source IP of H323 trunk). You shouldn't worry about phone to phone connectivity since CME acts as MTP.

If working, please capture the following outputs on CME:

1. show call leg active summary

2. show call active voice brief

3. Provide the calling and called DNs.

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