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One way call issue from AVAYA CM to CUCM over H.323

We have CUCM 9.1 and AVAYA AURA CM 6.3, where in we have configured one h.323 trunk between this clusters to have voip calls.

When call is made from User A (AVAYA) to User B (Cisco), A is able to listen voice of B but B can't hear voice of A.

In cucm, avaya clan is configured as h.323 gateway (under device-->gateway).

We have parallel setup with other cisco cluster and avaya cm it's working fine, same conf is replicated in this new cisco cluster as well. 

Not able to find out where the exact issue is. 

Many thanks in advance !!


Could you please try

Could you please try unchecking "Wait for Far End H.245 Terminal Capability Set" on the gateway configuration page in cucm and check?

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Hi Suresh,Thanks for

Hi Suresh,

Thanks for suggestion,tried the same but it didn't work. Any other troubleshooting step ?



Sniffer capture from CCM

Sniffer capture from CCM phone, MTP/XCODER - in case you have in your call flow - and from the Avaya gateway.




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Can you attach the

Can you attach the CallManager traces for one of these calls?

Is there any firewall there

Is there any firewall there in between ? You can take ethereal capture at both end (switch port) then you can find out whether some network application is blocking rtp/udp.



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Hi Suresh,Thanks for

Hi Suresh,

Thanks for suggestion, yes there is a firewall as this cisco site is connected over VPN to avaya location.. have asked concerned team internally to check whether ports are open or not for new voice subnet. Will try to capture etherial traces as well.




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Hi Brian,I am not sure with

Hi Brian,

Thanks . I am not sure with which debug command i will get the same as this is voip call and it will pull resource from router.  Can you pls guide which command is helpful to get traces in cisco.

I can share avaya call manager trace if you want.



You pull the CallManager

You pull the CallManager traces using RTMT.  Make sure to set the trace level to Detailed before pulling them.

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Hi nisargshukla now i have



now i have this problem too

if you have sloved ?

Please open a new thread and

Please open a new thread and attach CallManager traces as well as a packet capture from both sides.

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