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one way call issue


one way call issue,

ccm version 4.1(3)

we install lattest ccm patch

problem is that if a coustomer Receive a call from any other phones then that time he Recive caller voice, but caller canot hear his voice. this is the problem. if a coustomer press "hold softkey , then he press "resume key" then both way communication is working fine,

can you pls send replay to me




Re: one way call issue

Generally this type of behaviour (one way audio) is down to routing issues. Can you ping any of your IP phones from your voice gateway or voice vlan interface on your switches?

Re: one way call issue

I recommend you to take a CCM detailed trace on the CCM where the phone is registered, then make a call and gather the trace. Most likely you will see the Create Connection message to one IP that you can reach but then a Modify Connection message to an IP that you can not ping, probably a bind on the GW will help.

I also recommend you to take a 'show voip rtp connections' while making the call. You should see a local side and a remote side. Then from the GW where you are taking that command perform a 'ping remote_IPAddress source local_IPAddress' with the IP addresses that you saw on the show voip rtp connections and see if you can reach them.

Most likely when you press the hold and then resume to modify the connection to an IP Address that you can ping, that is why you fix it by doing that.

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Re: one way call issue

take a look at this document to troubleshoot one-way voice issue.


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