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One way communication for a particular extn.

Hi All, i have 2 cisco SIP 3911 phone. When anyone call from these 2 extns to reception, there is one way communication, means receptionist can't hear

user voice but user can hear receptionist propely. When user call to any other extns except receptionist extn. there is no problem.

Problem is with only when user call from Cisco SIP 3911 IP Phones to receptionist extn.

I have checked the vlan, both user's phone and receptionist's phone are in same voice vlan.

Now where i have to move to sole this problem ???

Cisco Employee

Re: One way communication for a particular extn.

Is this a CME or CUCM setup?  If you look at the call stats on the phone, do you see Tx and Rx packets incrementing on both sides?  What firmware version are you running on the 3911?  Do the 3911's have this issue when they call any other internal extension?

Community Member

Re: One way communication for a particular extn.

its CUCM setup. Receptionist have a pilot no. under which 3 ip phones are there, when i am dialing to direct extn no. not through pilot no., there is no prob in communication but when i am dialing pilot no. then there is one way communication prob. We r also using IPCC express.

Community Member

Re: One way communication for a particular extn.

If you can call the DN directly without issues, it more sounds like a signalling issue. You might want to open a case with TAC and we could look into traces to confirm.

Whenever you have the one-way audio, as Christopher mentioned, can you verify to see TX/RX packets are increasing. You could do that while hitting the '?' on the phone twice.

Also, could you try putting the call on hold and resume on the 3911 phone to see if CM renotiates the media and there is two way audio.


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