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Options for CallManager Pub failure - UCCX logins


I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction for a solution for this.

Firstly this is my current setup

CUCM Pub (located at DR Site)

CUCM Sub (Located in Head office)

2 x UCCX servers (Both located at Head office)

In the event that the Pub goes down, however not fully down (lets say as an example due to DBReplication issue or whatever)

No CAD agents can login until the Pub is fixed/rebooted.

Given that the Pub is at a DR Site and the Pub machine needs a hard reboot because the reboot command through SSH wont work (Explained below).

Is there a way to setup the system so that when a CAD agent tries to login, it tries both the Pub and the Sub for authentiation? I assume this is something to do with LDAP/CUCM integration?

Also, just for a little more info, the reason I am asking is that my Pub is regularly going down due to the fact that I keep getting an EXT3-fs journalling error issue and the hard drive goes into read-only mode and the system reports a DBReplication falire (For obvious reasons), so when you try to initiate any reboot commands to the machine it simply will not allow it.


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Re: Options for CallManager Pub failure - UCCX logins


In your System/Unified CM Config menu in AppAdmin, you have servers defined as 'AXL' servers. These are used to authenticate users. If you have a problem, I would at least ensure that you have both servers added as AXL servers.

If your pub is as unhappy as you say, I would probably bump the subscriber to the top of the list.

Also do a quick search of Netpro for your ext3-fs error; could be a few things:



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