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OPX Circuit via VG248

I need to know if it is possible to utilize an existing VG248 for an OPX circuit. I understand that the VG224 is more suited for this task, but I don't want to purchase new hardware. If I work with our carrier for circuit parameters, can I accomplish this?

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Re: OPX Circuit via VG248

As long the VG doesn't have to drive a longer loop than what it is designed for, it should be fine.

However if you need to lease a circuit from telco it would be probably better to use it for DSL and put an IP phone at other side.

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Re: OPX Circuit via VG248

How would I be able to tell if the circuit was too long for the supplied output of the VG248?

Our telco wasn't able to give me any parameters. If we were to hook it up, what would the end-user experience if there was not enough output?

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Re: OPX Circuit via VG248

Any OPX circuit is too long for the VG and you will not supported if anything doesn't work.

Symptoms are inability to break dial-tone, no rings and other strange issues.

You can check at:

if there is any device that could adapt the circuit.

Or user VIC3-2FXS-E/DID that supports:

Robust front end protection

FXS “OPX Lite”: 65V rms ringing voltage, 35 mA offhook FXS loop current; support for longer loops: 11,000 feet maximum

Then again, if it's a dry pair, put two modems on it and run data not voice.

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