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New Member

Ouogoing call to different BRI

Hi to all,

I have one CME on 2921 with 4 BRI, I have 2 different ephone-DN user group, I want that a group of user go out with a group of BRI and the other group of user with the others BRI.

group1 -->outgoing--> BRI1-BRI2

group2 -->outgoing--> BRI3-BRI4

how can I do that?

And other question, does not work the put pickup-group (I configure it), any idea why?



Cisco Employee

Re: Ouogoing call to different BRI

There are several ways to do it like using voice translations, COR (class or restrictions)

but the easiest will be use two different access codes and use trunkgroup CLI to bundle

the BRIs/voiceports and then reference that trunkgroup in the appropriate dialpeer.

Sorry, but I am not clear on your 2nd ques - can u please elaborate a bit?

New Member

Re: Ouogoing call to different BRI

Thank I'll try with traslation rules, I prefer have only one access code.

My second question: I have a problem with the pickup-group, I configure on ephone-dn the pickup-group, but not work, any idea, what I have to check?


Cisco Employee

Re: Ouogoing call to different BRI

Pl. review following to ensure the config is correct and you are using correct

key sequence to attempt pickup a call.


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