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Outbound Call Failure h323 2821 Router when phones use Subscriber 1

We are running CallManager System version:

We have a site that makes calls over an H323 gateway.

If the phone is registered to Subscriber 1 outbound calls are unsuccessful

Debug voice ccapi inout;

Called Number=9XXXXXXXXXXX(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown), Calling Translated=FALSE

Nov 17 08:30:50.100: //665/008855081900/CCAPI/cc_api_call_alert:

Interface=0x469F06D0, Progress Indication=INBAND(8), Signal Indication=SIGNAL RINGBACK(1)

If the phone is registered to Subsciber 2 or Publisher 1 outbound calls are successful

Debug voice ccapi inout;

Called Number=901436658970(TON=National, NPI=ISDN), Calling Translated=FALSE,

Nov 17 08:28:44.303: //663/800BD4BD1800/CCAPI/cc_api_call_cut_progress:

Interface=0x469F06D0, Progress Indication=DESTINATION IS NON ISDN(2), Signal Indication=INTERCEPT(2),

Subscriber 1 appears to be the issue for call setup. This Subscriber is used by approx 200 phones, all of these phones work through MGCP gateways and there have been no issues for 18 months.

I have checked all of the Enterprise Parameters/Cisco CallManager(Active) Service Parameters(Advanced) and see no differences, nor would I expect to as the Publisher assumes control and updates etc.

I have rebooted Subscriber 1.

I am not sure where to look as Subscriber 1 is currently in use with MGCP controlled gateways without any problems.

This is the first implementation of an H323 gateway with fractional PRi (8 Channels). I have configured all phones over 3 offices using the h323 gateway to register to Subscriber 2 until I resolve this issue.


Re: Outbound Call Failure h323 2821 Router when phones use Subsc

Is there any difference in how you have provision your route-patterns for outbound calls to an MGCP controlled gateway, to that of an H.323 gateway?

Are you using a country dial-plan, and associating you route-patterns with specific route-filters for this H323 gateway?

If this is the case, then in order to determine whether there is a problem with the dial-plan, I would suggest creating a new route-pattern temporarily which you can then assigned to the CSS of a single Phone.

Create a specific route-pattern that uses the H.323 destination gateway without a numbering-plan? For example, instead of configuring a route-pattern for local access with 9.@ change it to 9.!.

Re-register your IP Phone to Subcriber2, and assign the partition of the route-pattern you created to the CSS of this phone then make an outbound local call, is it successful?

If this is the case then I suspect that the problem is one of two possible reasons. The dial-plan is not installed via the OS Installation, or the dial-plan is installed but it has not been installed from within the CUCM Dial Plan Installer under the CallRouting menu?

Verify this in comparison to Subscriber2 or the Publisher. Confirm through the OS Web Administration that the Dial-plan software is installed on the active partition. Go to the show menu and click on software, this will list all the software options installed.

Also confirm through the CUCM administration on Subscriber1 that under Dial Plan Installer, that the Dial-Plan version shows as installed.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Outbound Call Failure h323 2821 Router when phones use Subsc

Hi Allan,

thanks for the detailed trouble-shooting approach.

Subscriber No1 is working fine for 200 + handsets using the UK National dial plan.

The software shows dp-ffr.2-1-6.GB.cop in the active partition as installed on Subscriber No2 and Publisher.

All CCM Servers have the numbering plan installed via Call Routing Number Plan Installer

Regards Kim

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Re: Outbound Call Failure h323 2821 Router when phones use Subsc

GBNP plans;

Publisher 1 has 1.(6) active

Subscriber 1 has 1.(5) active

Subscriber 2 has 1.1(6) active

Subscriber 2 will not allow me to activate 1.1(6).

I tried uploading 1.1(7) and was able to activate it on both Publisher 1 and Subscriber 2.

Subsriber rejected it and stays with 1.1(5).

Do I need to install Cisco Unified Communications Locale Installer English (United Kingdom) for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.0.?

The version we are running was upgraded from 5.1 and may have an issue with the locale installer, I am not sure at this point. It may still have the locale installer for 5.X. It doesn't explain why Publisher 1 and Subscriber 2 accept 1.1(6).

I have rebooted all CallManager Servers.

Thanks Kim

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