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Outbound calls fail on MGCP controlled FXO port

Dear all,


I have MGCP controlled FXO ports in Cisco2951 running IOS version 15.2(4)M4 and CUCM version 9.1. These FXO ports are assigned to Route Group, then the Route Group is pointed by Route List. All outbound PSTN Route Pattern points to that Route Group. Everything is working fine.

After quite some time, all outbound calls fail, the user received reorder tone. CUCM shows that all FXO port registered. Inbound call is working fine. I have to remove all FXO port from the Route Group, then re-add the FXO port again to the Route Group to solve the issue. But the issue will come again in the future. I'm trying to find the permanent solution without removing the FXO port from Route Group then re-add again to the Route Group. Does anybody have any idea?





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Hello, Couple of questions



Couple of questions here, when we face symptoms:


- what is FXO port status when users are getting busy signal ?


show voice port summary

- Do we see call hitting on Gateway ?

debug mgcp packets

debug vpm signal

debug voip ccapi inout


- How Often Problem occurs ?

- Are you also facing problem, when pointing router pattern directly to MGCP gateway ( no routelist / route group configuration ).

Above outputs will give more clarity to what you are facing.





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Hi Amit, The FXO port status

Hi Amit,


The FXO port status is registered. When there is outbound call, the port status is down. The problem occurs at undefinite period. I didn't get a chance to do the debug.



What full CUCM version are

What full CUCM version are you on?  You're probably hitting one of the many variants of this bug:


CallManager traces from the outage will be able to confirm if this is the issue.

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Hi Brian, I'm using CUCM

Hi Brian,


I'm using CUCM version It seems that i'm hitting bug CSCtq10477. I'll upgrade the CUCM to version 9.1(2).



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Hi Brian,I have the same

Hi Brian,

I have the same problem. Did the upgrade resolve the problem?



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