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Outgoing Calling Party hide 1470

We have a site with a 2821 H323 Gateway router connected via an E1 card to the BT Pri.

We have been told by BT that CLI or the Calling Party number is blocked unless the user appends 1470 to the called party number.

However we are always seeing the Calling Party number as the main bearer number on any phone that has a display screen. This despite any digit number manipulation on the h323 router/callmanager.

BT are telling me that somehow we are flagging the call/signalling which is telling the BT exchange to release our main bearer number as the calling party.

Is there something I am missing here?

If I append 141 to the called party number the CLi is withheld.

I have debugged iSDN Q931 and see the calling party as any of the 4 digit internal extensions making the call, I am certain that the calling party number is presented to the BT exchange and that the CLi for the main bearer (site number) is going out to the called party but is origination at the BT exchange.

Is there any router config under dial-peer or elsewhere that I have missed and is blatantly obvious?

Any light shed on this is welcome.

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Re: Outgoing Calling Party hide 1470

I have solved this issue.

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Re: Outgoing Calling Party hide 1470

Hi Kim,

would it be possible to let me know how you resolved this as we have the same issue.

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