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outside incoming calls forward problem on UC520

My UC520 is registred in SIP server, I can call and receive calls, but for all incomingw calls it's impossible to forward these calls to another phone number (noan forward, busy forward, and all forward).

But local forwards works well

Thanks in advance for help.


Re: outside incoming calls forward problem on UC520

Can you post the following:

show version - from the UC520

show run - from the UC520

How do calls flow through your network?

How is the UC520 connected to the PSTN?

The output of 'debug voip ccapi inout' when you try to make such a call.

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Re: outside incoming calls forward problem on UC520

Thanks for help, but I am sorry, I can't give you all informations asked because I can't access to the UC520 remotly, next week

Best ragrds.


Re: outside incoming calls forward problem on UC520

OK, I think I know your problem, we are just running into this on our network - in our case, the calls from the calls coming into the Sip network have to come from numbers that are registered peers on the Sip server, and when you forward, that is not the case. I came up with a translation scheme yesterday that should address this, it will leave untouched any number that matches a peer number, and if it does not match, it will stuff it with a calling number that will work. You lose the actual calling number, but it will at least work, and your users will come to recognize that it is at least a forwarded call..

For this example, say that your registered numbers are 515 555-5100 to 5199:

Voice translation-rule 100

rule 1 /\(^51555551..\) /\1/

rule 2 /.*/ /5155555100/

voice translation-profile callerid

translate calling 100

voice-port x/x:23

translation-profile outgoing callerid

I hope this helps!

Mary Beth

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