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Outside incomings calls not being transfered to CUE voicemail

I have a Cisco router configured with Cisco Unity Express, the router is located in a branch office which is served by a CCM 4.2 cluster. The router serves as PSTN GW and as SRST. VoiceMail and CUE/CCM integration is working fine with the only exception being what is describe below.

The configuration for outside incoming calls is that the operator phone must ring 4 times after that the calls is automatically transfered to the CTI Route point DN for the AA in the CUE (in this case 1897), when the caller request a extension he got transfered and the called extension rings, BUT if there are a CFNA or CFB then the call got disconnected after some seconds, it seems like a problem when the call is transfered from the called-user phone to his voicemail. In very few cases the call got transfered which has me wondering what's going on....

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Re: Outside incomings calls not being transfered to CUE voicemai

I just want to share the workaround in case somebody else have a similar problem.

After several days unsucessfully trying I figure out that changing the CFNA seconds timing from 25 to 20 seconds was enough to have the fix problem.

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