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Override Unity Connection Redirecting and Last Redirecting number during CallForward All


I understand the unity connection global setting for using first vs last redirecting number to make a call go to the different voicemail boxes when a DN is forwarded to another DN.  

We have a special scenario where DN 6115 is CfwdAll to 6116 and the users want calls that are forwarded from 6115 to 6116 to go to the 6116 voicemail box, not go back to 6115.  we don't want to change the global conversation setting in unity connection.

this scenario works properly if we call forward to the outside DID of 6116 because the redirecting number is lost when the call routes thru the PSTN and back inside, but that is inefficient and requires the user to call forward to an 11 digit number.


is there some other option in unity connection or call manager to strip the redirecting number off so when unity connection gets the message it looks like the call was originally placed directly to 6116?

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Have you tried a call routing

Have you tried a call routing rule, for that specific scenario??



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i established a forward

i established a forward routing rule. (this is a test scenario, not the real one we are trying to correct for the the users) attached is a screen shot example.  I set the "Send call to" : "user with mailbox jgocht" (directly to greeting) and set the forwarding station routing rule to "4230"  4230 is jgocht's primary DN in call manager.  I followed the setup in this posting and this doesn't seem to work either.

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Hi there, In your test

Hi there,


In your test scenario I believe the Forwarded routing rule should show the the forwarding DN xxxx instead of 4230 as the forwarding station number.




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I usually use the port status

I usually use the port status monitor to see exactly what CUC is seeing, then you can fill in the rule with those values.



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Hi Everyone, was on vacation

Hi Everyone, was on vacation for a bit. i'm back workign on this issue.  here are the details of what I have setup.  To summerize no matter what, if DN 4230 does not answer and goes to voicemail, I want the greeting for 4230 to be heard.  If 4231 is cfwdall to 4230 and a call comes into 4231, then we want that call to hear 4230's voicemail greeting.


attached is a screen shot of the forward routing rule and the port status monitor of the call



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Hidid you find a solution for


did you find a solution for the above?

have the same issue in need to fix.



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Hello,no we were never able


no we were never able to get this working properly. what we did was created a translation pattern that was 4 digits long that translated to the outside DID of the other line.  so when the call got forwarded out to the PSTN and back in the call looked like a normal phone call, not one that was redirected.

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