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Packet Capture from CCM to ATA, having problems.

I have 2 ccm v5 servers on 10.10.10.x network and my personal pc on 192.168.x.x network. I also have 2 186 atas that are messing up. I am trying to packet sniff traffic between 10.10.10.x ccm and 10.10.10.x ata to see if the ccm is sending in or out of band dtmf tones to the ata and whether or not it is doubling up the numbers sent to ata then ata to IVR. I cannot sniff any packets between these 2 devices while my pc is on the 192 network. I have changed my pc to the 10 network and I still cannot sniff. I have tried installing wireshark on unity connections server since it is windows based and on correct vlan but unity will not let me do that and gives me a warning about changing the packets.dll file. So i know voice is on its own VLAN and Im basically stuck as to how to get a packet capture between the CCM and ATA. any help would be much appreciated.


Re: Packet Capture from CCM to ATA, having problems.

Hello Jason,

You could use the utils network capture command on CCM in order to start capturing; then, download the capture through RTMT (it is a .cap file and can be opened in wireshark).

In addition, have you tried to setup a SPAN session in order to send a copy of the ATA traffic to your workstation? Below you will find additional details on how to do this:

Hope it helps!!!

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