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Paging not working for all ip phones randomly

Hi All

I have CME 8.8, about 55 ip phones (7942 and 7945), Paging is configured like that:

ephone-dn  110

number 899

label 899.Interfono

description INT.PER PAGING

name Interfono

paging ip port 2000

phones are confingured like that

ephone  7
mac-address 64D9.89C2.5C3E
ephone-template 10
username "silvae"
paging-dn 110
type 7945
button  1:7

as you can see, using a multicast address, and all the phones belongs to the same paging group.

The strange behaviour I get is that not all phones switch on the speaker when number 899 is dialed and it happens randomly, but if I press speaker button on a phone that doesn't play the message, after pressed, it play the message.

I think that multicast is configured correctly, and I don't think there are limits of ip phones while using multicast.

Do you have any idea?

thank you


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Paging not working for all ip phones randomly

Try updating phone firmware, and reload router.

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Paging not working for all ip phones randomly

I did update and reboot,

the first hours worked fine, then problem faced again.

We have catalyst C2960 with lanlite image

  WS-C2960-48PST-S   12.2(50)SE5           C2960-LANLITEK9-M       

I suppose multicast is correctly supported.

Other thing I could do would be upgrading CME version (from 8.8 to 9.0) and upgrade (if available) switch firmare image but

it should we a pure attempt.

Anybody knows what to do?

thank you very much


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Paging not working for all ip phones randomly

Hi all

a response to the question asked by myself should be that I'm hitting a phone firmware bug.

As for Cisco bug toolkit:


workaround is to downgrade to 9.1(1)SR1 firmware version or lower,

Cisco will release a firware version fixing the bug around next June 2012.

bye bye


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Paging not working for all ip phones randomly

Hello Guys,

For the ones that are still looking for a workaround. This one worked for us:

  • CME phone does not enable speakerphone during paging after a hooklatch, Fixed CSCtw61625
    Symptom: CME IP phones may fail to auto-enable the speakerphone during a page.
    Conditions: The issue occurs on IP phone firmware 9.2(1) and above.
    Workaround: Either of the following workarounds applies: a) Run firmware 9.1(1)SR1 or lower. or b) Hit any button on the IP phone after using the phone's handset or toggling the phone's hook latch. See 'Additional Details' for more information on this workaround. Additional Details: When the hook latch for the phone handset is toggled, the phone enters a bad state where speakerphone won't illuminate. Anytime after the hooklatch is used (i.e. the handset is picked up off the cradle), the user needs to hit any button on the IP phone (i.e. keypad digit, settings, NewCall softkey, etc.) to return the phone to a state where speakerphone auto-enables on page.
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