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Paging options

We are running CCM4.2. Are there any paging options built into the CCM? I have used Berbee informacast but would rather explore more simple paging options. Thank You.


Re: Paging options


Do you mean overhead paging?

Simplest way I have done this is using a cheap phone with a speaker. - i.e. 7905

and configure a line on it with auto answer enabled.

Then all you have to do is place it in a common area where people can here it.

If you dont want just anybody calling it, then use partitions and CSS to control


You can also use same approach by configuring auto answer lines on peoples desk phones also.




Re: Paging options

You can work around like someone mention here in the forum, but it is not a true paging feature.

I think you want to broadcast message to group of people at the same time to their IP Phone. Cisco CallManager dont have any solution if you are not using CME.

I really hope Cisco have this feature in future release.


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Re: Paging options

I use extrnal equipment. mostly Valcom. Zone controlers for different areas of the building. with speakers installed throught. FXS port for the interface. I also use ATA for a "0" out option for Unity after hours.

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Re: Paging options


You could intergate with a PA System through an FXS or FXO port using an SS22 device or something similar. This will allow you to make PA announcements through Speaker or Megaphones.

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Re: Paging options

If you wish to page over the cisco phone speakers, there is no option natively built into callmanager.

If you don't like Berbee, syn-apps makes a good product:

It is very much like Berbee, but it is much easier to configure and use. It takes Berbee "out behind the woodsheed".


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Re: Paging options

Actually Citrix Application Gateway has a BUNDLE of different application services such as a Voicemail Preview app, as well as a very robust paging app.

Check it out:

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Re: Paging options

Do you know where can I get a demo version / evaluation copy from Citrix application Gateway ?



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