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Partial rerouting in CME

Hello everybody,

Customer have Cisco 2821 witch IOS 15.1.4 and CME 8.6.

I set up call forwarding on internal line "A" to external number "B" .

When someone from number "C" calls to line "A" this call is forwarded correctly to "B", but the caller ID is overwrite by provider, because in our country is not allowed to set caller ID out of assigned number range.

For Call forwarding provider supports partial rerouting.

When CME find out that it will be forwarded out local network, instead of creating new call, it should send some FACILITY message to providers PABX that invokes call rerouting.

In this facility is specified:

 diversion reason (0=unknown, 1=CFU, 2=CFB, 3=CFNR, 4=cdAlerting, 5=cdImmediate)

 called address

 rerouting counter

 subscription option

 last routing number

PABX then free the B channel and create new call to "B" with caller number set to "C".

Is there some way how to set it in CME? I can't find any usefull information.

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Partial rerouting in CME

CME does not support that. In theory one coudl investigate if a TCL/IVR script would work.

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