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Participants in Cisco Telepresence


What's the maximum number of participatants that can appear on a cisco telepresence screen i.e, in a conference session, the scree divides, displaying the different participants in the conference. I want to know the maximum number of participants that can be displayed on a screen.

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Re: Participants in Cisco Telepresence


The screen doesn't 'divide' - this would lose the illusion of being 'in the same room' that you get with TPS which is due to the life size/high detail view of the other participants amongst other things.

You see the image from another camera at the far end, and if doing a multipoint conference (or connecting from a  3200 to a 1xxx series where you have three cameras on the far and and one screen at the near end) you see the active speakers' camera segment.

So the question of how many people can be displayed on a screen is much like 'how many people can you fit in a phonebox'. Two easily; more if you have to or if you are going for a world record (or in TPS terms - if you have a back row of seats, or the TPS3200 with second row of seats etc; the people on the back row will be less 'lifelike' and will themselves get a lesser experience).

It's explained in the TPS design guide to a degree :



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