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Partitions route filters and CSS in CM 6.x


I am trying to get to grips with class of service and its confusing me. I have implemented the UK dialplan. I want to have various different types of users such as those restricted to UK calls but not mobile phones only and those that can dial international etc.

I can define multiple 9.@ rules and apply different filters to each one but what is the precedence rule for these ?

For example if I do two route patterns:

9.@ and not international

9.@ and not mobile phones

And apply them to a partition how are they evaluated by the Callmanager when someone dials a mobile number. It will match pass the first route pattern so will it be permitted to dial or does it have to match the second route pattern as well ?

What happens if you have several partitions in a CSS and the rules in one partition conflict with the rules in another ?

Yours confused


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Re: Partitions route filters and CSS in CM 6.x

OK I figured out from reading the SRND that if two equally close matches are made in the same partition you have no control over which is used and that if they are in seperate partitions then the one in teh partition listed first is chosen.

So to nail this, what influence do filters have on selection. To use the 9.@ example again if I have a CSS with two partitions

9.@ and not international - partion A action route

9.@ and not mobile - partition B action dont route

someone dials a mobile number which will it match ?

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