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Pause in speed dial CUCM 9.1 - issue with DTMF tones

I am trying to get a pause in a speed dial to work on an 8945 IP Phone. I have configured the speed dial to dial 1234567,,129. After connecting the main number, I hear a quick "beep-beep" where the DTMF tones should be transmitted. Is there some setting somewhere else that is blocking the ',' as an invalid digit or something? Do I need to look on my CUBE router?


Thanks for the help!



If I check the "RFC2833 Disabled" box in the phone configuration, the speed dial works properly, so I know I have the pause configured ok. However, even with this box unchecked, standard DTMF digits go through without a problem (ones I dial manually not attached to a speed dial). That says to me the CUBE is configured properly, but does anyone have any ideas that may be causing this issue?




Adam, Can you grab



Can you grab CallManager traces for the 2 scenarios?  What firmware version are you running?  Some devices send all of the digits en-bloc and let CUCM separate out the pauses/DTMF while some phones try to handle it on their own.  Not sure which method the 8945 uses off-hand but the traces should show us.



New Member

Brian - I apologize for my

Brian - I apologize for my ignorance. Can you tell me how to grab the traces from CUCM? I'll do it ASAP once I know how...

Since you are on 9.x, the

Since you are on 9.x, the traces are already set to Detailed so we can skip that step.


You'll need to install RTMT (Real Time Monitoring Tool) from the Application->Plugins menu in CUCM.  Once that's running, go to Trace&Log Central->Collect Files.  Select the Cisco CallManager service for all nodes in the cluster.  Press Next then Next again.  On this page, you set the time range to pull logs from.  I would suggest using the Relative Range feature to pull the last 10 minutes of logs after you recreate the 2 scenarios.  You then just need to select a location to put the files and press finish.  


You'll then want to zip up all the files and attach them and include the calling number and the speed-dial number you were trying to call.



New Member

Brian - Thank you so much for

Brian - 

Thank you so much for the walkthrough. Files are attached. Calling from 7165649618 to 6922342 x129. The first attempt is with RFC2833 enabled, second is with it disabled.


So when RFC 2833 is disabled,

So when RFC 2833 is disabled, CallManager detects the phone can only do out of band and the SIP Trunk can only do RFC2833 so an MTP is invoked.

05042221.001 |10:37:11.141 |AppInfo  |SIG-MediaManager-(1267)::wait_AuConnectRequest, CI(30639645,30639646), capCount(11,3), mcNodeId(0,0), xferMode(4,16), reConnectType(0), mrid (0, 0) IFCreated(0 0) proIns(0 0), AC(0,0), party1DTMF(1 1 0 0 0) party2DTMF(1 2 101 1 1),reConnFlag=0, connType(3,3), IFHand(0,0),MTP(0,0),MRGL(b120fc95-7a0d-1045-4cd2-abfaa0285151,b120fc95-7a0d-1045-4cd2-abfaa0285151) videoCap(1 0), mmCallType(0),FS(0,0), IpAddrMode(0 0) aPid(1, 58, 134), bPid(1, 75, 1580) EOType(0 0) MOHAnnConnType(0 0) honorCodec(0 0)



05042227.017 |10:37:11.141 |AppInfo  |DET-MediaManager-(1267)::isMTPNeededForMismatchOrConfig, MTPNeededDueToDTMFCapMismatch(2833/OOB) mtpinsertionReason=1 dtmfMTPSide=2



05042238.023 |10:37:11.143 |AppInfo  |MediaTerminationPointControl(4)::logResourceStatusinTrace -- Device Name=MTP_2 ResourceAvailable=24 ResourceUsed=0
05042238.024 |10:37:11.143 |AppInfo  |MediaTerminationPointControl(4)::handleMtpDeviceFound ConversationId=16780289 CI=30639647 Allocated resource=1 Device Capability = 57
05042238.025 |10:37:11.143 |AppInfo  |MediaTerminationPointControl(4)::incActiveCounter - Count=1
05042238.026 |10:37:11.143 |AppInfo  |MediaTerminationPointControl(4)::decAvailableCounter - Count=1


Now CUCM will relay the DTMF digits:

05043162.001 |10:37:15.167 |AppInfo  |StationD:    (0000134) KeypadButton KeyPadButton=1(One).


05043169.001 |10:37:15.167 |AppInfo  |SIPCdpc(1580) - star_CcUserInfoReq: Outbound DTMF method selected is 2. Digit=1 and isMTPPassingThru2833=0
05043169.002 |10:37:15.167 |AppInfo  |SIPCdpc(1580) - sendDtmfVia2833: sending sipOutgoingDTMFTone Tone 1 for digit 1.


When the phone has RFC2833 enabled, there is no DTMF mismatch so CUCM just ignores the received DTMF digits:

05041271.001 |10:36:06.402 |AppInfo  |StationD:    (0000133) KeypadButton KeyPadButton=1(One).
05041272.000 |10:36:06.470 |SdlSig   |PauseInSpeedDialTimeout                |active10                       |StationCdpc(1,100,59,954)        |SdlTimerService(1,100,3,1)       |1,100,13,772.4^^*            |[R:H-H:0,N:0,L:0,V:0,Z:0,D:0] 
05041273.000 |10:36:06.470 |SdlSig   |StationOutputKeypadButton              |restart0                       |StationD(1,100,58,133)           |StationCdpc(1,100,59,954)        |1,100,13,772.4^^*            |[R:N-H:0,N:0,L:0,V:0,Z:0,D:0] Digit=2 CI=30639636Line=1
05041273.001 |10:36:06.470 |AppInfo  |StationD:    (0000133) KeypadButton KeyPadButton=2(Two).
05041274.000 |10:36:06.543 |SdlSig   |PauseInSpeedDialTimeout                |active10                       |StationCdpc(1,100,59,954)        |SdlTimerService(1,100,3,1)       |1,100,13,772.4^^*            |[R:H-H:0,N:0,L:0,V:0,Z:0,D:0] 
05041275.000 |10:36:06.543 |SdlSig   |StationOutputKeypadButton              |restart0                       |StationD(1,100,58,133)           |StationCdpc(1,100,59,954)        |1,100,13,772.4^^*            |[R:N-H:0,N:0,L:0,V:0,Z:0,D:0] Digit=9 CI=30639636Line=1
05041275.001 |10:36:06.543 |AppInfo  |StationD:    (0000133) KeypadButton KeyPadButton=9(Nine).

In this scenario, the phone should be sending the DTMF digits as RFC2833 directly to the SIP Trunk (  I would try doing a SPAN packet capture on the phone and see if the phone is actually sending the digits as RFC2833 directly to the CUBE.  If it is delivering the digits, we may have a dtmf-relay problem on the CUBE.


Also what firmware version are you running on these 8945s?

New Member

Brian - The phone version is

Brian - 

The phone version is (most recent version).

I will have to do a SPAN capture next week. As I said before, I'm new at this, but can you confirm that I can enable spanning on the PC port of the phone and do the capture right from there instead of the main switch?



You just need to enable Span

You just need to enable Span to PC on the phone in CUCM, save, and reset.  After that, you should just be able to run Wireshark on a PC attached to the phone's PC port.