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Pblm with 7911

hii, please i have configured an an 7911 with CME 4.2, but the 7911 is always displaying "upgrading" below the configuration in telephony service:

"load 7911 apps11.1-1-1-17"


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Re: Pblm with 7911

Please correct your configuration, you need to configure a .loads file without extension, not the apps-xxxx file.

hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: Pblm with 7911

hi, i have changed the configuration to

"load 7911 SCCP11.8-0-2SR2S", but it's alwats displaying "Upgrading"


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Re: Pblm with 7911

Have you configured all and any firmware files with "tftp-server" ?

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Re: Pblm with 7911

yes (the TFTP server is the router), i have also other phones with this CME, they work normally.

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Re: Pblm with 7911

If you do "debug tftp-events" with "term mon", you will see which file the phone is requesting, but not receiving.

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Re: Pblm with 7911

i do "debug tftp-event" but nothing is displaying, do you think that the IP phone has a problem

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Re: Pblm with 7911

1st make sure you receive debug output to terminal w/ "term mon"

2nd try the reset sequence, remove power, press and hold #, reapply power, release # when led flash in pattern, press in sequence 123456789*0#

Make sure that you have term11.default.loads in flash and configured with "tftp-server".

New Member

Re: Pblm with 7911

hii, from the terminal monitor i recieve this message:

808922: Mar 3 16:56:41.152 gmt: C5510 DPR1: H2D Msg: 0008 0000 0001 1867

808923: Mar 3 16:56:41.152 gmt: C5510 DPR1: D2H Msg: 0008 0000 0083 1867

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Re: Pblm with 7911

These seem to be some DSP debug messages unrelated to your issue.

Phone must make some tftp requests when turned on. The only requisite you have option 150 in your dhcp server setting.

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Re: Pblm with 7911

hii, i tested the ip phone with a CCM version 6 and it didn't work so i'm sur that the problem is on the ip phone. i did a reset but the problem is not fixed. Thanks for your assistance

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Re: Pblm with 7911

No problem. As mentioned above you must enable debug properly after that you will see what file is being requested and missed.

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Re: Pblm with 7911

Hi Abderrahim,

Here is a liitle more info to add to the great tips fro Paolo;

Phone Firmware Files

For Java-based IP phones, such as the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911, 7941, 7941GE, 7961, 796GE, 7970, and 7971, the firmware consists of multiple files including JAR and tone files. All of the firmware files for each phone type must be downloaded the TFTP server before they can be downloaded to the phone.

The following example shows a list of phone firmware files that are installed in flash memory for the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911:

tftp server-flash:SCCP11.7-2-1-0S.loads

tftp server-flash:term06.default.loads

tftp server-flash:term11.default.loads

tftp server-flash:cvm11.7-2-0-66.sbn

tftp server-flash:jar11.7-2-0-66.sbn

tftp server-flash:dsp11.1-0-0-73.sbn

tftp server-flash:apps11.1-0-0-72.sbn

tftp server-flash:cnu11.3-0-0-81.sbn

However, you only specify the filename for the image file when configuring Cisco Unified CME. For Java-based IP phones, the following naming conventions are used for image files:

SCCP firmware - TERMnn.xx-y-z-ww or SCCPnn.xx-y-zz-ww, where n represents the phone type, x represents the major version, y represents the major subversion, z represents the maintenance version, and w represents the maintenance subversion.

The following example shows how to configure Cisco Unified CME so that the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911 can download the appropriate SCCP firmware from flash memory:

Router(config)# telephony-service

Router(config-telephony)#load 7911 SCCP11.7-2-1-0S

SCCP: Upgrading or Downgrading Phone Firmware Between Versions

To downgrade or upgrade firmware versions on a Cisco Unified IP phone running SCCP, perform the following steps.


Phone firmware for Cisco Unified IP phones to be connected to Cisco Unified CME, including all versions required during an upgrade or downgrade sequence, must be loaded in the flash memory of the TFTP server from which the phones download their configuration profiles.


1. enable

2. configure terminal

3. telephony-service

4. load phone-type firmware-file

5. create cnf

6. end

Hope this helps!


New Member

Re: Pblm with 7911

Hi Rob,

Thanks for all this Information, but the problem is not fixed. i think that the problem is with the Ip Phone, i will test it with a CCM.

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