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Personal Directory Only Dials Local Numbers correctly

We are using the Personal Address Book service on our 7940 Series IP phones. We entered a contact name and number in the Personal address book, for example, the number wanting to be dialed is entered in the address book as 123-456-7890. The number used to access the outside line is 8 and is working correctly. When hitting the dial softkey in the Personal Directory service for the contact with the number 123-456-7890, the number that is actually dialed is 81234567. It only dials the PreDial number (8) and 7 digits following. This causes it to not dial the correct number. What would cause the personal directory to only dial 7 digits rather than the full 10 when calling numbers that are long distance? When dialing numbers that have the same area code as us, the personal directory dials that number correctly with the 8 and the following ten digits. This problem is only occuring for numbers out of our area code. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Personal Directory Only Dials Local Numbers correctly


Can I clarify, when you dial 81234567890, will the call be able to go through?

My first thought would be that there is a conflicting Route Pattern or Translation Pattern.



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Re: Personal Directory Only Dials Local Numbers correctly

That number is only being used as an example in my explanation of our problem, it's not actually one that is wanting to be dialed. Personal directory is leaving off the last 3 numbers of any number when dialing unless it has a local area code.

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