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PGW, codec change during SIP transfer possible?

I'm using a PGW (9.7.3) in call control mode to connect 48 incoming E1s to a SIP trunk via G711a. Once in a while calls that are connected to this SIP call-center need to be transferred to an off-site G.729 call-center. right now the transfer fails with a media-incompatible error because only G.711a seemes to have been requested in the transfer. How can i get the PGW (and or 5400s) to re-negotiate the full codec range to the new endpoint?

a few weeks ago i read that there was an option to force the 5400s to negotiate codecs with the SIP endpoint instead of the PGW when responding to an Invite but i cannot seem to find this option again (if this is even a solution)

Please help..

Leon McCalla

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