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Phone config files

Guys, where on the CCM are the phone config files stored? I couldn't find them anywhere but the phones boot up fine........


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Re: Phone config files


Re: Phone config files

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Re: Phone config files

Thanks for that bit of info mate. Unfortunately the URL no longer exists.

So what we're saying is that the config files no longer exist on the TFTP server after they are downloaded and stored on the phone. So when the phone is powered off and back on, it accesses it's config file which it stores internally even when powered off?


Re: Phone config files

This is the answer from that URL:


You ll not be able to find your cnf.xml file if you have activated the "enable caching of configuration Files" option. This option enable faster processing. So After the Phone downloaded the *.cnf.xml File, the File is deleted from the TFTP through the Callmanager.

to desactivate this option go to Admin Page, Services->Service Parameters->choose Cisco TFTP then Click Advanced you should now desactivate this option.

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Answering your second question:

The Cisco IP Phone has non-volatile Flash memory in which it stores firmware

images and user-defined preferences. At startup, the phone runs a bootstrap loader

that loads a phone image stored in Flash memory. Using this image, the phone

initializes its software and hardware.

The TFTP server has configuration files (.cnf file format) for telephony devices,

which define parameters for connecting to Cisco CallManager.

If a phone has an XML-compatible load, it requests a .cnf.xml format

configuration file; otherwise, it requests a .cnf file.

If you have enabled auto-registration in Cisco CallManager, the phones access a

default configuration file (sepdefault.cnf.xml) from the TFTP server. If you have

manually entered the phones into the Cisco CallManager database, the phone

accesses a .cnf.xml file corresponding to its device name.

The .cnf.xml file also contains the information telling the phone which image load

it should be running. If this image load differs from the one currently loaded on

the phone, the phone contacts the TFTP server to request the new image file,

which is stored as a .bin file.

The best thing you can do to understand/memorize this process is to run Ethereal on your PC which is connected to your IP Phone.

Zin-Elabidine Karzazi

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Re: Phone config files

Thats cleared that up, thanks.

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Re: Phone config files

hey guys

thanks for the good info.

i have one question, maybe you can answer. i have a phone that says it can not find its cnf.xml file although the phone is registered in call mgr and working - why would it say that if it already registered & downloaded the file?



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