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Phone designer port and protocol


I have a problem with "Phone designer" software. It tells me the IP phone is not available. I checked :

- credential : ok

- CCMCIP adress : ok (tested with publisher and TFTP : same behaviour)

- CUCM manger interface : available

- device association : ok

- IP phone : available (http interface responding)

- Phone personalisation : ok (if not, the soft is able to detect it)

So I maybe have a firewall issue.

• What is the port and protocol used by "Phone designer" to communicatate with system ?

• Is there an other parameter non checked ?

Thanks in advance for your help

New Member

Re: Phone designer port and protocol


I'm currently troubleshooting a similar issue.

- What phone type are you trying to connect to?

- What Firmware is it running?

- What CallManager Version are you running?

Best regards


New Member

Re: Phone designer port and protocol

Hello David,

• Ip phones software (SCCP protocol) : 8.5(2)SR1

• CUCM version : 6.1.(4)

Best regards


New Member

Re: Phone designer port and protocol

Hello Philippe,

In my case I was troubleshooting a customer's 7975 using the same FW and CUCM Version as you did.

The problem was the disabled web server on the IP phone. Once I changed this, everything worked fine (didn't find any application note why this needs to be enabled, though).

Can you have the firewall checked for dropped connections between the IP phone, the Phone Designer Application and the CUCM? The log in the Program Files Folder is quite verbose and might direct you to the right direction.



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