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Phone Line Monitor

This is a slightly odd request but it has some merit. I have a customer in health care that is looking for a way to monitor patient lines. In particular, they want to monitor a patient line that is taken offhook and is not physically placed onhook.

With Cisco IP phones, if a user goes offhook without dialing (for example), the interdigit timer expires (default 15s). After that, the call is registered as unallocated/unassigned and the Annunciator plays out a message. After that message is played out, reorder tone is played out for approx 20s. Then the phone goes back to an onhook state.

I checked alarms/syslog, traces, CDRs, etc. Nothing really differentiates a normal event from the one the customer wants to monitor.

An option could be to PLAR the call to something like CCX, have CCX apply a timer, and if the patient does nothing, have CCX react some special way. But this is clugy, and has risks from a redundancy/scalability point of view.

So, I am wondering if someone has come across a health care application that monitors patient phone lines for abnormalities?

Maybe this request is abnormal in itself ;-) But, I figured I would check with the broader audience.




HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: Phone Line Monitor

You also have to take into consideration that they dial 1 or 2 digits before they pass out on the floor. :-)

Is there any logging if someone dials a couple digits, goes past the T302 timer, but doesn't match a pattern?

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