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phone registering with SRST router instead of secondary Call manager server


i have a centralized call processing cluster of CUCM servers version 6.0.1 (publisher and subscriber) in main site and i have remote site a gateway with PSTN lines for the remote branch and it will function s SRST in case of WAN failure.

all remote phones are registered with CUCM servers in main site. i configured the Device Pool with CUCM group of both servers (Subscriber then publisher) and i configured SRST being the remote Gateway.

when the phones are registered they have in the Call manager setting the following order:

1 - Subscriber Server

2- Publisher Server

3- Subscriber (Active), this is the IP address configured on the option 150 in the DHCP server

4- SRST gateway IP (standby)

the problem is if i disconnect the Subscriber server then the phones are connecting to SRST instead of Publisher.

it look like the active server is always the TFTP server which is the one configured under option 150 and the standbay is the SRST gateway

my requirement is to have the subscriber as primary server and publisher as secondary and in case of WAN failure SRST

any ideas,




Re: phone registering with SRST router instead of secondary Call

Hi mate..

Are CallManager services functioning correctly on the Publisher currently?

I.e. can you register a phone directly to the Pub?



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Re: phone registering with SRST router instead of secondary Call

Hi Tim,

yes all services are running on both publisher and subscriber and i am able to register a phone directly to the publisher. Aso i did another test where the option 150 is pointing to the publisher server and i gives me the following order of call managers under phone settings:

1- Subscriber server

2- Publisher sever

3- Publisher Server (Active)

4- SRST (Sandby)

note that i am testing the whole scenario in testing lab before deployment in real network and i am using virtual machines for call manager servers


Ibrahim Chehouri

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