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Phone registration across VPN tunnel

Hi Guys,

I am looking for some help on how to go about getting my phones to register across a vpn tunnel. I also need to setup the tunnel using an ADSL connection, what do i need to look out for/check,

do i still use the ip address of the voip interface/subinterface when adding the gateway in ccm (will be using h323)?

If anyone has a sample config or perhaps some documentation on how to do this that would be great....thanks.


Re: Phone registration across VPN tunnel

first what vpn u looking for remote access or site to site?

what is ur teminating device is it a router or firewall?

in general

lets say ur phones behind and adsl router and ur CCM in the other end and behinde a router/firewall

u need static address for CCM side in the router or firewall

also u need to mak einterseting traffic that wil bringup the vpn tunnel which include SCCp, TFTP http also u need to have a type inspection to permit udp over vpn

have a look at the following link might help u :

hope this helpful

New Member

Re: Phone registration across VPN tunnel

Hi Guys,

I have a central site and a new remote site setup with a VPN tunnel back to the central site. The central site houses the call manager cluster and the phones at the remote site are registered with the call manager via the VPN tunnel. The problem i have is i am unable to ping the CCM from the remote site even though the phones are registered. The phones and the CCM are in two different subnets although i dont think this should be a poblem. I have a local E1 at the remote site presenting my DDI range so my question is what could cause me to be unable to ping the call manager from the gateway even though the phones are registered. My thinking is that if i cannot ping the call manager from the gateway my voip dial-peer will not be able to pass digits to the CCM for call routing to take place.

The setup at the remote site is: Internet cloud--->ADSL Router-->Firewall-->3750 switch-->Router.

Also, is there any routing that needs to be done at the central site to enable this to work ?

Any help greatly appreciated !!1

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