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Phone resets ip every 2 minutes

I have 7940 and 7960 phones that are connected to a Cisco switch and the phones are working correctly. I have to integrate with a new business partner who is using new HP switches so I cannot get rid of them. When I plug in the phone to the switch everything is glorious and the phone works and I can call in and out.

I plug a laptop or desktop into the switch port on the back of the phone and things go weird.  The laptop will keep working without a problem but the phone will lose its IP address, unregisters from Call Manager, and start to search for a new one. The laptop keeps working fine and a ping -t or file copies keep on wokring. It only appears that the phone loses itself. Has anyone ever seen this happen? Has anyone worked with the HP switches and had this go thorugh without a problem?

Phone: 7940 or 7960

Call Manager: 7.1

Switch type: H3C S5800

Thanks much.

New Member

Phone resets ip every 2 minutes

I should add the the port configuration on the H3C is

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/35

port link-mode bridge

description Test port

port link-type hybrid

undo port hybrid vlan 1

port hybrid vlan 30 tagged

port hybrid vlan 3 untagged

port hybrid pvid vlan 3

undo voice vlan mode auto

voice vlan 30 enable

poe enable

stp edged-port enable

lldp compliance admin-status cdp txrx

qos trust dscp

Thanks again!

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