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Phone service in multiple states

I am setting up 2 branch offices in another state.  Each office is relatively small, with about 10 users in each.  I would like to know the best way to provide phone service to these users.  Each site has a VPN back to us for their data but are on their own phone system.  We would like to deploy Cisco phones to these offices that we can manage.  We use Cisco Call Manager 8.6 at our HQ.  My concerns are how to handle local calls and 911 emergency services.  Currently we have several PRIs through AT&T.  Can AT&T read the calling party number and route the call to the appropriate PSAP regardless of which state the call originates from or what path it took to get to the PSTN?  Same thing with local calls.  Will it still be a local call if it has to go through another state before it reaches the PSTN?  I've considered setting up Call Manager Express at these sites to get around these issues and I would appreciate any hardware recommendations for these sites.   



As far as i know PRIs will

As far as i know PRIs will not be able to route calls based on ANI and route it to the PSAP but I *think* there is a SIP service that ATT provides that does this. Else you might have to look at putting a small router with 1 or 2 analog lines just for 911 (and SRST if needed). A 2901V/K9 bundle with FXO ports should help you with this.

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