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Phone Status Unknown

I am running and when I click find and the main page the majority of my phones show unknown status and unknown IP Address but if you click on them individually they show registered. Any ideas why it would show unkown when you first click find?


Re: Phone Status Unknown

Hi friend,

This sounds to me like there is something weird with the Real-Time Information Service (RIS) Data Collector.


Cisco RIS Data Collector The Real-time Information Server (RIS) maintains real-time Cisco Unified CallManager information such as device registration status, performance counter statistics, critical alarms generated, and so on.

The Cisco RIS Data Collector service provides an interface for applications, such as Real-Time

Monitoring Tool (RTMT), SOAP applications, Cisco Unified CallManager Administration and

AlertMgrCollector (AMC) to retrieve the information that is stored in all RIS nodes in the cluster.

May be you can try restarting the RIS Service in Serviceability->Control Center->Network Services.

Sometimes I have this type of problems and restarting the service helps me out with this issues.


-- adrián.

Re: Phone Status Unknown

Would this be used for CUPS/CUPC and the line presence of the line? Im not getting and presence information about the line being monitored from CUCM to CUPS.



Re: Phone Status Unknown

No, I was just referring to the CCMAdmin when you go to Device-Phone-Find so that would be a different issue.

I restarted the RIS Data Collector on all Servers but that did not help.

I also restarted the Database Layer Monitor earlier but that did not help either.

I will reboot when I can to see if that gets things back to normal for a while but if anyone else has ideas let'er rip tater chip...

Re: Phone Status Unknown

Log into your subscriber and see if the phones are showing up there. I had a problem with CUCM Pub/Sub not replicating for some reason.

New Member

Re: Phone Status Unknown

T, I just went through some extensive troubleshooting with TAC on this. If you are still in need of some assistance, let me know. The docs do not give you everything you need to install CUPS

Re: Phone Status Unknown

I have a PDI case open, but its Slowwwwwwww.

Yeah, I know the doc is screwed up. I know it's the SIP trunk. If you have any pointers, let me know. Or if you have any case notes you can send me, that would be great. tommer12 at gmail dot com


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Re: Phone Status Unknown

Hi Shane,

Hope all is well!

It almost sounds like you are hitting this bug;

CSCsl70392 Bug Details

Status & IP not properly associated on Find & List Phone Page


Under Device > Phone the Status and IP address are not properly associated with the correct devices in the list when multiple devices are listed.


CUCM prior to performing a phone search that returns multiple results.


View the device status on the Phone page, or narrow the search so only a single phone is displayed.

1st Found-In







Hope this helps!



Re: Phone Status Unknown

Rob, even if this does not end up being my bug that I am running into I commend you on your find. I tell you what I have refined my searching skills via google and but I cannot seem to find the trick to searching the bug toolkit.

Any tips there on how to search the bug toolkit better?

Regardless, kudos and points!!

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Re: Phone Status Unknown

Hi Shane,

Thanks buddy :) I wish that I had some magic method for these searches but as you know this is a bit of a "crap shoot" ;-)

A few things though;

-Search on CCM Versions above and below what you are running.

-Try to find an applicable "keyword", in this case I used "IP"

-Check all Severity Levels

-Check Modify Date "any time"

-Patience :)

Take care,



Re: Phone Status Unknown

Hmmm, that is pretty close to what I had been trying....I just had not had good luck thus far. I will broaden my search words to something more simple. Thanks again!!!

New Member

Re: Phone Status Unknown


I think I'm running into the same issue. We are running I've not been able to find an update for this version. Any ideas?


Re: Phone Status Unknown

I worked with TAC a while back and they wanted me to apply an ES but I did not apply it. Since the problem was cosmetic my customer chose to wait till the next major service release.

CM 6.1.2 is now available so hopefully that caveat is addressed but I have not investigated thoroughly.

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Re: Phone Status Unknown

6.1.2 probably would not fix this issue since it was released before these 6.1.1 ES. I would suggest you install the latest 6.1.1 ES for the latest fixes, it is at