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phone user password policy

is there anyway to set a password policy for the phone users, such that when they web access there phone for 1st time, they are forced to change password to a longer length than the default of 5? similar to what can be done with unity subscribers.

call mgr is 4.2



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Re: phone user password policy

If you go into your Unity server and load up system administration. One of the links is the account policy. The first tab is phone password restrictions where you can set the minimum length of the password. There is a checkbox when you create a new user in Unity that says the user needs to change their password on the first login so that they will be forced to choose a password that meets your requirements.

You can also edit the your template for new users so that it will require a new password at next login by editing the subscriber template, and then click password and make sure change password on next login.

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Re: phone user password policy

sorry if i didn't make myself clear...

I want to do this on the call mgr so that when user web's into ccmuser page they need to reset their password to a min length greater then 5.



Re: phone user password policy


Follow this procedure:


DC Directory


Go to to DC Directory Administrator:>ou=CCN->ou=System profile->

SystemProfile, then go to SystemProfile and click on properties and then click on "CCM Configuration" and then click on

Modify and change the password and pin to 4.


AD Directory


Open AdsiEdit on your DC and go through the following path.

Your Domain >> DC = Domain, DC = com >> OU = Cisco >> OU = CCN >>

OU = systemProfile >> CN = System


In the properties look for " ciscoCCNatPINLength ". Modify this to the value you required



Re: phone user password policy

Is there a workaround to do this in CUCM 5.x and later ?

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