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Phone will download SIP firwmare first then SCCP during cluster migration

We are migrating SCCP phones from an 8.x to a 10.x cluster.  The phones have been provisioned on the 10.x cluster, the ITL file is deleted, the option 150 IP address changed and the phones are reset.  When they begin registration to the 10.x cluster instead of downloading the SCCP files from the configured load server they are downloading the latest SIP firwmare.  Once the SIP firmware is downloaded and installed the phone then resets and begins to download the SCCP firmware from the configured load server.  Can anyone explain why the SIP firmware is downloaded first?  This occurs over WAN and is taking about 20 minutes per phone which is way too long for several hundred phones.





Hi @prxdudding,What type of

Hi @,

What type of phones are those?


Martin, IT Specialist

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Cisco TAC says that this

Cisco TAC says that this expected behavior after a phone has been factory defaulted.  It will download the term45.default.loads (for 7945/65) just get an image installed then once that is done it will download it's own SEP<mac>.cnf.xml file.

We were running into this while migrating phones from an 8.x cluster to a 10.x one.  We got around it by consolidating old and new TFTP certs on the old server.  (OS Admin -> Bulk Certificate Management)

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