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Phones Log Off Randomly


We currently have a clustered IPT setup with a Publisher and Subscriber.On the Publisher the phones are all registered but they keep logging off users at random i.e. when a user logs in, after a while, he is logged off. We have NOT set automatic logoff and the default has been left for 8 hours.

In addition, when the publisher is off and the subscriber is set to register phones, some do not register at all even after a whole day of trial. Extension mobility  is not available in some phones on both models of phones being used (6945 and 7945) and corporate directory is not available at all on the 7945.




Phones Log Off Randomly

What version of UCM are you running?

Extension mobility:

Do you have concurrent logins turned on? ie. if a user logs in at another location, it might log off the same user ID if it exists at a different location.

Lot of things here for subscriber:

Check if you have the TFTP service running on the subscriber. Make sure the TFTP server IP address is in your DHCP scope.

Make sure the phones have a CM group which has both the publisher and subscriber in it. 

When you create the Extension mobility service, you specify the IP address in the Service URL. Chances are you only have one service with the IP address of publisher and if the publisher is down, extension mobility will not work.

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Phones Log Off Randomly

Make sure replication is working first .

What version of Callmanager are you using , we had a very similiar issue latey with and early version of 9.1

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