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Pick group in CCM5

HI all

Iam want to configure pick up by extension. example user1 with extension 510 and user2 with 511 . when a call comes to 510 and user is not in site , then 511 should pick up the call .

The above case should be done by :

1) dialing a extension 510 or any dummy number eg : 2510.

(I have Not tested This method can any one help me in this )


2) by dialing a dummy number eg 2510 which can be done by defining call pickup group but here i can only associate 10 Pickup group in a particular Pick Group , i want to add more than 20 pickup group (i have tested this method with below 10 user its working fine can any one help me in associating more than 20 Pick up Group )

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Re: Pick group in CCM5

Good news there is an easier way!

If both DNs are part of the same configured pickup group the other phone can simply press PickUp button.

You can also configure Group Pickup where both DNs are in seperate pickup groups and have to press GPickUP softkey button and dial the pickup DN.

Check out CallManager Feature Guide and Admin Guide for more details:



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Re: Pick group in CCM5


thanks for your reply

here there are 50 users where each and every user should be allowed to pickup other users call by dialing extention of the user or by as dummy extention number ...

1) In your first solution it is simple by pressing pickup button but we need to pickup the call by dialing the extention or by dialing a dummy number if the extension is 511 then dummy extension number can be 2511, the next user with extension 510 should dial 511 or dummy extention 2511 to pickup the call .

2)your second solution is ok but we need to associate the corresponding groups correctly.we have more then 30 groups.

while associating it allowes me to do for only 10 or less than 10 groups.

Can any one help in associating more than 10 groups

kindly help


Re: Pick group in CCM5

not too sure if i grasp what youre trying to acheive but have you explored the possiblity of using the "other" pickup softkey?

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