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pick-up option

I have a 7960 with a 7914 expansion module. If the phone rings for one of the extensions in the module and the user picks up the hanset, it will pick up the call. Is there a way to force the call to be picked up only if the button for that extension is actually pressed.


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Re: pick-up option

Unfortunatley, if there is a line appearance that is ringing and the handset is lifted it will automatically answer that line. If the user would like to place a phone call while another line is ringing, you must instruct them to first press the button for their primary line, then dial the number. This will take their primary line off hook and let the other line continue to ring.



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Re: pick-up option

Yes, that was the only way that I could figure out. It is just more of an incovenience because the user has to pay attention to the module to ensure that none of the other lines are ringing. Just have to live with it.

I appreciate the feedback.

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Re: pick-up option

Hi Carlos,

There is a setting in CCM that dictates this behaviour called Always use Prime Line;

In order to change this parameter, log in to the Cisco CallManager Administration page and perform these steps:

From the Service menu, choose Service Parameters.

Choose Publisher CallManager Server > Cisco CallManager service.

Under the Clusterwide Parameters (Device - Phone) section, scroll down to the Always Use Prime Line parameter, choose True for this parameter, and click Update.

Note: The default value for the Always Use Prime Line parameter is False. If the flag is set to True, when the phone goes off-hook or the speaker button is pressed, then the primary line is chosen and becomes the active line. If a call comes in on the second line of a user, going off-hook makes only the first line active. In this case, the user must select the second line in order to answer the call. If the flag is set to False, the phone automatically chooses a line as the active line based on the line status.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: pick-up option

Sweet! That did it!



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