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PLAR dialing 911 into another Translation Pattern

I have a situation where the users want to have hot dial button on each phone to dial 911. So I created a PLAR to dial 911 and it won't work because we have CER and the 911 and 9.911 pilot numbers are programmed in Translation Patterns. I can't get one translation pattern to dial into another. I created a number, 7111, and call forwarded it to 911 which calls 911 and forwards the correct number and location info, then put that number in the PLAR to call, but it never calls in the CER to notify local security and administrators. Is there a way to trick a PLAR hot dial translation pattern configuration to dial another translation pattern?


Re: PLAR dialing 911 into another Translation Pattern

If it is only in a button then it is not a PLAR but Speed dial.

PLAR is when going off hook phone dials inmediatly for primary line, I would go for speed dials

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Re: PLAR dialing 911 into another Translation Pattern

It only dials on off hook if the CSS is set on the phone. I set the CSS on the line iteself so that it auto dials when the button is pushed and not when the handset is lifted. However, the idea about making it a speed dial may work. Thanks.

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