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Please opine on this 8941 video phone and bandwidth usage


Imagine I have 3 sites, MPLS connected with T1  access.

20 users on Site1 and 20 users on Site2.

Site3 is data center, no users, just CUCM 8.6, Cisco Unity Conn. and Presence.                  

Site1 has (20) 8941 IP Phone users.

Site 2 has (20 8941 IP Phone users.

Imagine CUCM 8.6 has firmware in place to support video calls.


Let's say about 5 concurrent video calls will occur between Site1 and Site2.

How do I calculate the bandwidth usage in the WAN circuit?

I found the information below. It seems I would use for example:

5 concurrent call x 319kbps = 1.6Mbps for video traffic alone (not counding regular voice calls only)

Is my approach and understanding correct about this?

I imagine the video calls will happen between two endpoints, therefore no need to calculate bandwidth between sites to the data center-site3, where CUCM is. Thanks!!

The bandwidth would depend on the resolution being used. The recommended bandwidth for resolutions are as follow:

VGA 360p@30fps: 768 - 2000kbps

VGA 360p@15fps: 448 - 767kps

CIF@30fps: 320 - 447kbps

CIF@15fps: 256 - 319kbps

QCIF@30fps: 128kbps – 255kbps

QCIF@15fps: 64 - 127kbps


Please opine on this 8941 video phone and bandwidth usage

You're correct. Media (audio & video) flows between endpoints only. The would normally, only be signalling between the CUCM servers and the phones.

If you create MTPs in CUCM (e.g. for gateways/trunks, etc) then media will flow via the CUCM servers.


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