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PolyCom 6000 (3rd Party SIP) with Cisco CME 3.3

We took over management of a CME based call system - I am pretty new to managing CME, and this appears to be a very old version of CME (3.3). The client has purchased a 6000IP Polycom phone, which, after much searching, I am finding is basically a 3rd party SIP phone to CME. They have a PRI coming in, with several existing Cisco phones registered using CME; but what I am reading, I have to setup the router to handle phone registration for this Polycom as a SIP phone. Any guidance would be appreciated.

I have reviewed the following links, and they seem to indicate the necessary config additions:

My main concern is applying this configuration and having it effect the current phones in service. They don't have a "voice register" section in their config - they have a "telephony-service" section which seems to specify ephone parameters for the currently configured devices. Instead of the voice registers, they have ephone-dn's and ephone configs. Hope this is making sense to somebody with more expertise than me :)


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Doesn't look like there have

Doesn't look like there have been any takers on this issue.


I have the phone configured in the ephone-dn setup, and it can make outbound calls and connect to other extensions. The issue I am having now is that the phone is unregistered and cannot receive inbound calls. When I check Cisco references for setting up a generic SIP phone, the commands required are not available to me in the version IOS I am running.


Any help would be appreciated.



what is router?  2811?

what is router?  2811? upgrade to latest ios. 12.4(24). it has  CME version 7.0


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