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Polycom ip 335 is getting ip from data vlan instead of voice vlan

Hi All ,

Polycom phone is getting ip address from voice vlan fro 40 secons and then it was getting ip from datavlan ..Setup is as below.

User PC --- > Polycom 335 --- > HP procurve switch ---- > WAN router --- > MPLS cloud --- > DHCP server

Data vlan 100

Voice vlan 150

L3 vlans for data and voice are created on the switch and dhcp snooping is also enabled on the switch . ip helper address is also configured for L3 vlan's of voice and data.LAN uplink which is connected to WAN router is trusted ie dhco snooping trust is enabled on the LAN interface connected to WAN router.

When we reboot the Phone it was getting ip address fron voice vlan 150 fro remote dhcp server and it will be there for 30 secons and then gets ip address from data vlan.

Ip phone and PC were getting ip address from data vlan.

We have wireshark captures and noticed that DHCP server releases voice ip address after 30 seconds.

Please suggest what else can be verified from the wireshark logs to know exact reason for voice ip address release from phone.

On the DHCP server options are defined as suggested by polycom ..Option 66 and option 160 etc..

Thanks ,
M S K       

Thanks , M S K

Re: Polycom ip 335 is getting ip from data vlan instead of voice


Polycom phones need a static VLAN configuration  as there is no concept of access/voice VLAN due to missing PC port. You need to put a voice VLAN ID in "switchport access " command.



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